What’s different about Merry Cupcakes?

We focus not only on the taste but also the nutritional content of the our cupcakes. We make sure that when we create our recipes, we increase their nutritional goodness so that they are healthier than the average cupcakes of their corresponding flavours (i.e. A Vanilla Ice cupcake from Merry Cupcakes is healthier than the average vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing).


How are Merry Cupcakes healthier than normal cupcakes?

To find out, we compared1 our recipes to 102 popular normal cupcake recipes of the same flavours. From the results, Merry Cupcakes are healthier than normal cupcakes because of a number of reasons:


Less saturated fat:

You may have heard about a fat known as the ‘bad fat’ being thrown around. Well that guy is saturated fat and it is mostly found in animal products. Due to the oh-so-many fatty foods readily available these days, a diet in high saturated fat can contribute to some major chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes by raising our blood cholesterol.


In a normal cupcake, some of the main sources of saturated fat include butter, cream and cream cheese. So we decided to cut down on all of these ingredients and in fact, Merry Cupcakes do not contain any animal products at all. Don’t worry, we don’t swap them with any scary, crazy stuff.  For example: butter is substituted with oil or Nuttelex (a plant seed oil spread) and soymilk is used instead of milk and cream.

From our analysis, our cupcakes are 77% lower in saturated fat3 compared to normal cupcakes of the same flavours! Crazy huh!


Less sugar:

We’ve all heard why too much sugar isn’t great for us; not only can it be bad for our teeth, it’s just empty kilojoules! At Merry Cupcakes, we’ve reduced the sugar in our cupcakes by an amount that is significant enough to make a difference, but still maintains the taste all the same. We also often use fruit and vegetables which contain natural sugars instead of adding more of the processed stuff.


Our analysis shows that Merry Cupcakes are 5.3% lower in sugar3than the normal cupcakes of the same flavours. Now that’s a sweet deal!


More fibre:

Fibre is good for us in many ways. A diet that’s rich in fibre can help maintain gut health, improve blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, help with preventing and managing type 2 diabetes, prevent certain cancers, and help with weight control by making you feel fuller for longer. To increase the fibre in Merry Cupcakes, we substitute a fraction of plain flour with wholemeal flour (stay tuned for other types of flours!), just enough so you get a significant amount of extra fibre without altering the texture. By using fruit and vegetables in many of our flavours, we increase the fibre content of those cupcakes too!


More Fruit & Vegetables:

We all know that fruit and vegetables are filled with goodness; they contain fibre as well as a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants. So at Merry Cupcakes, we have plenty of flavours with fruit and vegetables in them to make our cupcakes healthier and more natural.


We’re always on the hunt for more ways to make our cupcakes healthier so stay tuned for more exciting new flavours to come!


What are the flavours? Do they ever change?

We have a number of different flavours available every day of the week. The programmes are seasonal so there will be a number of new flavours every season to incorporate seasonal fruit and vegetables. Also watch out for special flavours on holidays and other special occasions!


How to store Merry Cupcakes?

Our cupcakes don’t need to live in the fridge as they will dry out. They will roam happily on your benchtop! We recommend that you eat them all up within 3 to 4 days as they will dry out over time.


Can I order cupcakes for events?

Yes! Please give us a call or send us an email at hello@merrycupcakes.com.au and we can go from there!


Are Merry Cupcakes vegan-friendly?

They sure are! We don’t use any animal products at all.


Can I get nut-free Merry Cupcakes?

There are many cupcakes that don’t contain nuts; however, they may contain traces of nuts due to possible cross contamination from those that do contain nuts.


Can I get gluten-free Merry Cupcakes?

Yes! We have 1-2 flavours of gluten-free cupcakes on Fridays and Saturdays at the moment. We can also do special orders for gluten-free cupcakes. Just give us a call or email!


1All recipes were analysed using FoodWorks program; the nutritional contents of were then compared.
2The normal cupcake recipes used were found via Google search and were all within the top 10 search results.
3Percentage difference are calculated by using the average difference between Merry Cupcakes and normal cupcakes.