Once upon a time, in the land of Melbourne, Australia, I, an ordinary high school girl fell in love with cupcakes. I loved their taste, their cuteness, and how they are a good-sized dessert that will leave you satisfied but not sick in the stomach. Little did I know, this newfound love would one day change my life.



Upon finishing high school, I reflected on all the things I liked and realised that I always had a great interest in food, nutrition and their effects on our health; therefore, I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at university. Throughout the years, I discovered that not only did I possess the skills to eat cupcakes, I had the ability to bake them too! And according to my friends, they weren’t too shabby either. As university went on, I learnt how to modify recipes to make them healthier; and thus, the cupcake experimenting began.


Cupcakes, alas, are not usually associated with good nutrition; however, through my experiments, I was able to create cupcakes that are healthier with the same great taste. In this day and age, a healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial to our wellbeing and we want to consume as little empty kilojoules as possible…despite our need for the occasional sweet treat. The healthier cupcakes I created are better alternatives for when we do give in to our sweet cravings now and then, as well as for birthdays and other fun occasions.

4 years later, I graduated as a dietitian and a nutritionist. After some soul-searching, I realised that I wished to unleash my healthier cupcakes to the public. Thus, Merry Cupcakes was born! Come join me on my journey to bring healthier cupcakes to the townsfolk, for there are still plenty of adventures to be had!


To be continued…